Located at the very tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown is a thriving, vibrant community where the past, present and future come together in a unique way. While not officially incorporated until 1727, The Mayflower Pilgrims actually set foot on land in Provincetown first, before eventually moving on to Plymouth; and the Mayflower Compact, one of the earliest documents of American democracy, was signed in Provincetown Harbor on November 11, 1620. The town gained an early reputation as a sort of “renegade town”, settled mostly by “wandering traders and fishermen who dropped in temporarily because of the excellent harbor,” according to a 1915 newspaper article. A mecca for the creative, the quirky, and the queer, Provincetown has grown into a world-class destination for people from every walk of life. A vibrant nightlife, thriving artists’ community, stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage make it hard to resist this multi-faceted jewel of a Cape Cod town. Provincetown famously embraces people from all cultures and backgrounds, and has long been a safe and welcoming destination for LGBTQ travelers from all over the world. Proud of its long and colorful history, “P’Town” always keeps an eye on the past while its feet are planted firmly in the present, with no shortage of modern-day creature comforts or superb dining; and as a designated Green Community with an emphasis on sustainable development and responsible environmental practices, also keeps a watchful eye toward the future.

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